Quick Blog Post: Mountain Time

My business partner and I are from different worlds. I am from Atlanta and he is from New Jersey. That being said, we are both in a world today that neither of us are familiar with — MOUNTAIN TIME.

No. Not the time zone. It’s the time warp we find ourselves living in everyday.

Nobody returns calls. Nobody shows up when they say they will. The people up here just sort of stride thru life in a carefree manner. I’m not sure about the work ethic. I’m not sure about the ambition level. I’m not sure about the level of pride. Maybe I’m wrong and all of this is good? Maybe going 100mph everyday for 18 hours is bad? Maybe jumping on phone calls immediately is bad? Maybe showing up at warp speed is bad? I’m just not convinced the slow pace is all that great. They still get cancer. They still have heart attacks, They still run over each other in cars. From what I can see the slow pace is killing folks at about the same rate as a normal pace.

Me? I don’t like the slow pace. I love the area and I love most of the people…I just don’t think I’ll ever adjust to Mountain Time.

Dennis Lynn
The SBP Group
Young Harris GA

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Dennis is the founder and President of Inbound Solutions Group - a digital marketing company based in Blairsville GA. He was also a co-founder and partner with Social Media Dudes - based out of Oakwood GA. Dennis has just entered into a new partnership with the company Strategic Business Planning Group...a marketing and consulting firm. Dennis is married to Terri (30 years) and they have a daughter and two wonderful grandsons. The two boys are pretty much their hobby!

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