Respect is Earned

Respect is earned.

Respect is Earned

That’s a word (earned) that isn’t used very often today. We tend to be a society of entitlement – everything from money and privilege to the very topic I’m discussing right now – respect. This is the direct result of participation trophy’s and the wimping down of America. There are so few men and women and so many males and females.

Respect is expected these days. People think because they have a title, a little money, some social standing, or some other ridiculous reasoning they “deserve” respect. They don’t. It’s not been earned. Forget it.

We earn respect by doing such things as:

  • Having integrity
  • Being dependable
  • Being a generous person
  • Practicing honesty
  • Leading by example

Those who “command” respect for whatever reason are usually the exact opposite type of person. They typically are the last to the office and the first to leave, give less than those making half their salary, stretch the truth, and lead like a thug. In their eyes, they “deserve” respect.

So if you really want people to respect you…not like you…latch on to those five traits listed above. I guarantee you that people will respect you, regardless of your title, income, social standing, or anything else. I would also add that a by-product of earning respect rather than demanding it would probably be all of the above…titles, money, and all that cool stuff.

Earn it. Don’t demand it.

Dennis Lynn
The SBP Group
Young Harris GA

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