MicroBlog: Stop Being Passive

I used to be passive. I used to be somewhat shy. I used to let things slide by.

I can’t find any redeeming quality about the personality traits listed above. Those got be one thing: They got me a lot of people who became my “friend” because I let things slide by and overlooked a few incidents. These traits did not get me more business, did not make me more money, and were all in all a total disaster.

Don’t be passive. Don’t be shy.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be bold. Do not care what other people think. You are never going to please everyone so don’t even start going down that road.

You can be nice. You can be a little tolerant. You can be professional. But anyone telling you that being passive and remaining a shy person is good…run from them. Run far. Run fast. Nothing good can come from it.

Dennis Lynn
The SBP Group
Young Harris GA

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Dennis is the founder and President of Inbound Solutions Group - a digital marketing company based in Blairsville GA. He was also a co-founder and partner with Social Media Dudes - based out of Oakwood GA. Dennis has just entered into a new partnership with the company Strategic Business Planning Group...a marketing and consulting firm. Dennis is married to Terri (30 years) and they have a daughter and two wonderful grandsons. The two boys are pretty much their hobby!

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